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Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Reform


Arrangements and procedures for supporting children with additional learning needs are changing in Wales. The system is to become far more pupil focused with a greater emphasis on parents, children and school working with professionals to reduce or remove barriers to children learning. If you click on the link below you will find information about ALN reform and what the Welsh Government’s plans are.

Overview of the draft ALN code for Wales
Individual Development Plans will be replacing Individual Education Plans and the review of these plans will be more pupil centred for all pupils with additional learning needs, not just those who currently have ‘Statements’. Below you can find more information about the Pupil Centred Review process for both families and children.


Person Centred Reviews for Children

What does it mean for parents?
You will be asked to come in to school review your child’s individual development plan and to work with the school and possibly other professionals towards the planning for, implementation and review of how well the plan has worked.

What does it mean for pupils?
You will be asked to come to a meeting in school to review your individual development plan and to work with the teachers, teaching assistants, your parents and possibly other professionals to help plan, work on the targets and review of how well the plan has worked.


NPT Inclusion Playlist

The local authority have developed a facility, called the ‘NPT Inclusion Service Playlist’, to share their documents and other helpful resources for our parents and pupils. This playlist will be a great way to easily share the documents with NPT families as the link will be automatically updated with new content. Please click the link below to access the playlist.


Letter from Director to all Parents re ALNET

Click link below:

Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal Act (ALNET 2018)