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Attendance Data for Coed Hirwaun Primary School

Data Presenoldeb ar gyfer Ysgol Gynradd Coed Hirwaun


Whole School Attendance Target for 2017-2018 for Coed Hirwaun Primary School was 96%. Our Attendance Closing figure for 2017-2018 was 95.00%.

Information for Parents/Carers regarding
School Attendance and Family Holidays during Term-time
Mr Aled Evans, Director of Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning
issued August 2013

Letter to Parents Pupil Attendance Sept 18

Holiday Letter May 2019

of the effect on your child’s education

What to do if your child is absent from School

Beth i’w wneud os yw’ch plentyn yn absennol o’r ysgol …

A reason must be given for all absences. Attendance registers are marked electronically by the teachers in the classroom.
Please phone the school on 01656 747830 on the first day of absence and leave a message stating the reason for your child’s absence. All calls are logged in our absence record book and on the online registration sheet.
If your child is absent you may inform the school on the first day of absence via email instead of phoning. Please mark the email “Pupil Absence” followed by your child’s name.
The email address for reporting absences is:

Where absences are not notified on the first day the school may phone the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) Mrs Natalie Wearn, who may make a visit.
If your child arrives late for school a reason must be given on arrival. This is logged in the absence record book and your child’s record will be marked late on the electronic attendance register.
Patterns of absence and lateness are monitored by the school and the EWO.
Attendances registers are monitored regularly via the office computer, by the Headteacher and the EWO. Where a number of absences occur the Headteacher and EWO will contact parents/guardians in an effort to resolve any difficulties.
The school does not authorise the taking of holidays or occasional days off in accordance with the Local Authority guidelines.

Headteacher presents 100% Attendance certificates to pupils with 100% Attendance.

Last year 2017-2018, there were seventeen children who achieved 100% for the whole year.

Congratulations to those pupils and their parents for this fantastic achievement!

100 Attendance 2017-2018

Penalty Notices

Hysbysiadau Cosb

Welsh Government has instructed all Local Authorities to implement Penalty Notices under the Education (Penalty Notice) (Wales) Regulations 2013. The Local Authority believes that any absence from school, for whatever reason, is detrimental to a child’s long term life opportunities, so should be avoided if at all possible.

Please click on the link below to read the leaflet including the cost implications.